“Jumiks Construction & Maintenance”creative laboratory – design department

In order that the company can operate and grow successfully, its growth must be managed according to a logical development process. Everything begins with a bright idea an outstanding design. We are justifiably proud of our company’s creative laboratory – design office.

Engineering systems and networks projects are conceived utilizing specialized programs by specialists who are experts in their fields.

Jumiks provides design work for extra-low voltage and electrical supply networks (with a voltage up to 20 kV) of all kinds and complexities.

With high guarantee and professional sense of responsibility, we assemble both internal and external electrical and territorial lighting networks, BMS systems, internal telephone and computer networks, as well as automatic fire extinguishing and intrusion alarms, access control systems, television surveillance systems, as well as earthing systems and protection from electrical storms.

Our clients can rest assured that everything that applies to their properties in the aforementioned regard will be in the best possible order.

Starting from 2012 “Jumiks Construction & Maintenance”design department is designing HVAC, water supply and sewage systems projects.