Construction and reconstruction of internal and external engineer networks – latest modern technologies.


“Jumiks Construction & Maintenance” experience and know how in the field of engineering-network assembly work is in line with the latest global trends and allows us to effectively provide high quality services utilizing contemporary solutions that are safe and economically viable. “Jumiks Construction & Maintenance” employs professional specialists who work under the supervision of certified project managers.


Through partnership with Latvia’s leading construction companies and local international clients, Jumiks Construction & Maintenance” offers the following services:

  • External electro-network assembly (up to 20kV);
  • Internal electro-network installation;
  • Electrical equipment system assembly and installation;
  • Atomization system assembly and installation;
  • BMS systems installation;
  • Extra-low voltage network installations (fire and security alarm systems, information systems, access systems, computer networks, telecommunication networks etc);
  • HVAC installations (ventilation, air conditioning);
  • Plumbing, water supply, sewage systems installations