“Jumiks Construction & Maintenance” services - delicate work by professionals

SIA “Jumiks Construction & Maintenance" does everything to ensure that its clients are relieved of additional concerns which allow them to concentrate on the important tasks at hand – the growth of their business and the reduction of their management costs. Therefore, the company has established another structural unit – facility management department of “Jumiks Construction & Maintenance”.

This department is fully responsible for the technical maintenance and functioning of customers’ buildings and premises. This is a delicate daily job, which is performed with a great sense of responsibility by highly qualified experts who are genuine specialists in their trade.

Facility management department has two divisions:

  1. Facility management services:

-          Project management

-          Cleaning of territories and premises

-          Security services 24h

-          Cleaning materials supply

-          Fire systems full maintenance

2. Maintenance of engineering systems
-    extra-low voltage
-    electrical systems
-    HVAC
-    water supply and sewage
-    UPS and diesel generators

Therefore, we offer our clients the most optimal solutions for the planning of their energy systems. The rapid pace of contemporary life dictates such requirements.

Our service specialists regularly perform engineering-network and equipment preventative maintenance, accordingly reducing to a minimum the likelihood of operational breakdown within the systems and equipment concerned.

Our clients have been able to forsake the use of comparatively expensive and, what is more important, complicate tasks that had nothing to do with their core operations – maintenance of a technical materials repair base and remuneration of certified specialists.

The supervision of this knotty problem for each company that was a source of major responsibility and concern has now been entrusted to the specialists from facility management department of  “Jumiks Construction & Maintenance”.

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Residential and commercial property management solutions: 

Electricity, fire and burglar alarm, access control, video monitoring, BMS, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, water supply, sewerage systems maintenance + management, accounting, security, info-centre and cleaning services